By choosing us for all your residential and commercial needs, you will experience the pleasure of working with a single competent organization instead of having the hassle and aggravation of trying to coordinate multiple companies to integrate your electronic systems into a working design.

Process - Consultation


Before we begin, it's important for us to meet with you, discuss your needs, and propose the right set of systems to fit your budget. This is typically done on the job site or at our offices looking through plans and preparing for the next steps of design and pre-wiring.

We know how serious of an investment our services are. Your project deserves this first step to help ensure a smooth process and an end result that will truly enhance your lifestyle.

Process - Design

Design & Documentation

Effective systems integration requires careful planning, layout, and design. We offer advanced system design services. From automation control of various subsystems to fully themed home theaters, we are here to design and execute your systems just the way you envision them to be.

You're already investing much of your time and money into your project, so why not take the step to have your project professionally designed ensuring you not only have a good system but you have your system.

There are many elements to a professionally designed system, many of which are performed behind the scenes. Though sometimes not visible, each and every part of the system design is important to the quality and success of the final project.

Process - PreWire


While there is a growing trend towards wireless solutions, a hardwired option for a majority of systems is always preferred for benefits of added reliability, security, and efficiency.

Usually, from a central location carefully positioned in your home or business, we will run the wiring for communications between all of your systems: entertainment, security, and overall home control.

Process - Installation


This is the phase where a project truly starts to take shape.  If it's new construction, then we're returning along with the other contractors like electricians, HVAC, and plumbers to "trim" out our pre-wiring stage.  All of the careful planning we've done together allows our team to connect the right devices to the right wiring in the walls.  Speakers, light switches, smart thermostats, alarm panels, and many other system components are all starting to "integrate" together.

Process - Service

Service & Maintenance

At Premier Home Theater, we do not believe in just rushing through a job to collect a check. After our technicians have installed all of the audio/video systems you requested, we can be called up at any time for maintenance of the equipment. This is best for the customer since we best understand the equipment we have installed and know best how to fix, maintain, and optimize it for your use. This ensures that your equipment lasts longer and remains ready to use! We promise to deliver audio/video systems that are simple to control and maintain.

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